#Juneathon 2015 Day 10

10 days in and another 5K with the pup.

There was no new grounds broken today as we followed a well trodden route across ‘three fields’, along the canal to Begbroke and back along the main road home. When we got to the fields, I assumed the pup had taken to her usual habit of exploring the long grass, was doing her own things and would catch me up when she was ready. Sadly, I missed the fact that today she opted to stay close to me from the outset so I clipped one of her front paws slightly as I lifted my right heel. Poor little wretch. After we established that she was fine, we ran along at a comfortable pace. Occasionally, she or I would up the pace slightly, either smelling something of interest or feeling a bit stronger in the legs (unsure who was which), and the other would match before upping it a little more. I think I was actually having the occasional pi**ing contest with my dog for who could run the fastest. I think she’s got me beat on pace but I’ve got her on endurance … for now. It’s good to know that over the next six months, we’ll be able to explore some new trails, that Holly won’t stray too far and we can mix it up slightly so far as pace goes.

Nothing much else to report today except that I’m tired of blogging, not bored but definitely tired. Please refer to my post for day 9. I don’t think that it helps that there have been a few days where I have run quite late in the day and forced myself to blog afterwards. I’ve noticed that I seem to whinge about being tired a lot amongst other things. Isn’t Juneathon supposed to be about being active, enjoying it and shouting about it?

The one thing that I had intended to do this week was to lay off caffeine in the hope that when I needed during the South Downs Way 100 this weekend, it would provide a little bit of an extra kick and keep me going. Well, that silly notion has truly gone out of the window… Caffeine taper? No, too reliant on the darn substance.

Following the second paragraph above, I opted to get some sleep when I finally got home on Thursday evening and wrote this post on day 11 while having some lunch.

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