Today has been a struggle of sorts. My wife didn’t get a good night’s kip and I seem to be inclined to stay in bed for as long as possible. The poor wonder pup downstairs must have wondered what was going on. The clock was edging closer to 8.00am and she hadn’t been out for romp, she hadn’t been fed. Anyway, the day began and breakfast was had by one and all, dog included.

Well, today was nowhere near as busy as yesterday; however, having taken the dog for a walk around the grounds of Blenheim Palace this morning, I slept for a good 90 minutes when the wife & I eventually returned to the homestead.

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This evening, I lacked inspiration so having picked up a bite to eat, I ran home from Kidlington again, following the exact same route as day 3. I felt slow and tired but plodded on and seemingly, even managed to muster a little more pace than yesterday (yay me!). I enjoyed this evening and am glad that having started this, I’m still going, even if only five days have passed. Although while I was running, I did ponder about whether running every day is a good thing. A couple of years ago, I wouldn’t have hesitated and said that, “running every day is the bestest”. Since then, I’ve become a little jaded but only a little. I was tired for the best part of today and should have probably taken today as a rest day in the grand scheme of things. I’m supposed to be running the South Downs Way 100 (SDW100) in a week’s time and this should probably be the period where I’m tapering.

Am I attempting too much?
Am I being sensible?

I guess that my previous ponderings for Juneathon and the above means that I’m not as fit as I’d like to be or that I even think I am. Furthermore, I think that I’ll be able to effectively pull off completing Juneathon (even if it’s nothing more than a series of 5Ks) and completing the SDW100 … I know self-belief is a good thing (e.g. you’re supposed envisage yourself achieving that which you set out to do) but there’s a fine line between confidence and foolish, arrogant bravado – the latter is one that I’ve often been guilty of.

What have I learnt? I know that when I’ve walked away from challenges before, I’ve always regretted it. For example…

South Downs Way 100 2012
DNF at Saddlescombe Farm, 66.6 miles, having fallen asleep in a portaloo
– when I woke, I could have taken 10-15 minutes to compose myself and finish

North Downs Way 100 2012
DNF at Blue Bell Hill, 76.2 miles, missed the cutoff by minutes
– after searing cramp, I should have steadied myself and continued to push, hopefully within grasping distance of what would have been my first 100 mile finish

I know that I don’t want to walk away from what I’ve set out to do. So until I collapse to the floor in a bedraggled heap (or wuss out), I’m going to persevere with Juneathon and on 13th June, I’ll be toeing the starting line for the SDW100.

Now, I’m hoping that June is going to be nothing short of epic.


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