#Juneathon 2015 Day 7

Today’s start was again a little slow but seven days in and we’re still going. The wife and I opted to take the dog away from our usual haunts and re-visit Port Meadow. It’s a lovely place bordered by the Oxford to Banbury canal on one side, the Thames on the other and where cattle roam freely. Walking the pup around here can be quite frustrating, as when the novelty and hilarity wears off, the dog decides to try and eat her own weight in cow poop. However, having triumphed over her first Parkrun yesterday, we thought that it would be a good idea to encourage little Holly to go swimming. Walking along the river’s edge, we started playing fetch, throwing sticks near to the shore and then further and further into the water. And with nary a moment’s hesitation, the little pup ventured out getting her paws wet, walking out until she was almost submerged and finally, hitting her stride with an awesome doggy paddle. Perhaps I shouldn’t feel so proud but it was incredible to watch. The wife and I joked afterwards that if Holly can run 5K and swim competently in the river, perhaps we should get her a bike so that she can enter doggy triathlons…

Apparently Norman can ride a bike. That’s right, Norman’s a dog. Alistair & Jonny Brownlee may have some competition.

When the fun and frolics at Port Meadow were over, the wife took the dog home and I set off up river along the Thames. The plan was to run 3-4 miles from Wolvercote up to the Swinford Toll Bridge, just south of Eynsham, where I would find my wife waiting to collect me. As for the actual run, why change the habit of the last week? Pace was nothing to shout home about but it seemed to naturally pick up as I was closing in on my pick up point. To be honest, I know that there were bits of this stretch of the Thames that I enjoy, especially the last ½ mile, but the rest has just always failed to make its mark. On the other hand, today, I relished every minute. It was a lovely day and a joy to be out running. I probably enjoyed it all the more for breaking away from running routes that have become all to familiar to me.

It feels good to be running again.