#Juneathon 2015 Day 8

Tired again today. Grudgingly, plodded around another 5K.

I’m going to attempt to keep this short today. I was going to run solo but the wonder pup looked full of sorrow when I almost left her behind, so I relented and took her along. We ran to the bottom of the village and followed a windy overgrown path up to the top of Spring Hill and intended to follow a dirt track down into Begbroke. I ran this along the area in reverse last week and there were no cows. At the highest point, there were also no cows to be seen. Unfortunately, when the pup and I entered the last field, which involved some skilful negotiation of a cattle grid on behalf of the pup, we noticed a whole herd of stealthy cattle hiding like ninjas among the tall grass. Well, that was that. Holly had her freedom instantly revoked and found herself back on the lead. And rather than draw attention to ourselves, we slowed to a walk, edging our way further and further into the cattle’s lair before cautiously edging around a corner in the road. At this point, the track slopes downhill and away from the evil beasts down into Begbroke. Feeling the near grasp of safety, we eased into a slow run again. Sadly at the bottom of the hill, the pup found a new lease of life and bound forth, attempting to negotiate a second cattle grid as she went. Now, if I’m honest, the first time around, there’s a narrow concrete ledge for people (and dogs) to creep along. Second time around, there was no narrow ledge available and the pup wasn’t so graceful. One paw stepped on a bar in the cattle grid, another one then slipped through and the pup performed a full on faceplant. I’m sure that she was keen not to lose face so she tried to scramble upwards and onwards, and in doing so, she crashed downwards again before then rolling over in a splayed heap. Her efforts had carried her across the cattle grid but next time, I think I’ll try to encourage some caution before crossing and some assistance where needed, instead of watching my running buddy try and maim herself. Once I’d established that she was unscathed by the incident, we resumed the run and bumbled along through the last mile home.

This evening, I reminded myself that heading out reluctantly can still reap some rewards, to respect my surroundings and not take them for granted and also, to fear the evil cattle. Tonight’s encounter was only that, an encounter as there was no skirmish to speak of. Oh, and running with a puppy remains pretty awesome.

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