It is every runners inconvenience to leave the house unprepared. The thought of running for the first time or even for a long time is daunting in itself but feeling unsettled as you run can make a breezy 10k feel like a treacherous hurl that really puts you off stepping outside.
When I prepare myself for a run, I want to feel comfortable and weightless so that I can really enjoy the positive effects of running. I don’t want to feel awkward and unsettled with my mind constantly worrying about my earphones being pulled out, loose keys jangling in my pocket, whacking my thigh on ever step, or even my phone slipping around in my sweaty hand trying to make an escape. When I run, I want to clear my mind of all the stress and mental baggage the day brings, I want to feel a sense of serenity as I seamlessly glide through transitions of thought. It’s hard to do that when all these small elements are itching a progressively tantalising scratch.

When you are comfortable and mentally prepared, you feel like you can achieve more than what your inner runner is used too, trying to push the boundaries and take your run to the next level. From a runners perspective, I have used many products to try and simplify my runs, I’d love to go out running without anything on me but that’s not really an option anymore. Arm straps, back packs, running belts and whatever else I can use to carry my essentials, phone, keys, money, gels, but I always find them so awkward to carry.
Sure, arm straps are a popular choice for most runners, but when I want to check my pace, switch a song or do anything quickish on my phone, I often find myself stopping altogether to sort it out. Firstly, fumbling around to get the strap off my arm, tearing the screen from the plastic window because my phone does not recognise sweaty fingers when I swipe. Pulling the earphones out, having the bloody Nike trainer constant chanting “pausing workout, resuming workout” and genuinely getting fed up with it all. If you are unaware I am a bit of a hot head when it comes to the small things, must be the Greek in me.

I attended the Befit women’s health and fitness exhibition in London earlier this month, were I met a lovely women who was exhibiting a running belt called ‘FlipBelt’, I can inform you that the days of bulky pockets and sweaty arm straps are long gone. FlipBelt is a singular tube waistband that solves one of the biggest irritations when running; where to tuck your must-have items. Active wear is sleeker and more stylish than ever before, now there is a running accessory that is tailored to practical fashion. The elasticated fabric band sits around your waist securely, then you slide your items inside the belt and then flip it over, no zips or fuss. Now, everything you need is sitting snug on your hip. No bulk, no bounce. Brilliant, tantrum over!
It is made of a spandex-lycra blend which makes it stretchy and super flattering! It doesn’t even look like you are wearing a running belt as it sits smoothly around my waist.

Here is a YouTube video to demonstrate how it works.

Since trying it on I have to say, flip belt is the most comfortable and secure when it comes to running accessories. Hands down, (and up because it’s hands free) the best way to carry your things when you are out on a run or even in the gym.
Lucky for me I got my flip belt for free, perks of the job! Think about it, an average sports branded arm strap kicks off around £30, and a phone is all your getting in it! Flip Belt retails at £25, comes in all different colours and pattern AND they do men’s belts too, flip belts for everyone! If you can relate to my little running dramas then you need to get yourself a flip belt, you won’t regret it!

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Happy Running

Olivia Neo x

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