Sports injury is one of the most mentally strenuous experiences any keen athlete has to go through. My daily routine of extreme exercise, churning out mile after mile seemed to set the tone of normality, the feeling of self empowerment while running was fulfilling on so many levels. Unfortunately, that fulfilment came crumbling down as my immortal running mindset overtook the physical ability of my petite body. Hip Bursitis was a result of me overachiever set distances with cockiness, running more than my muscles could take. The aftermath left me with pains on the outside of my hip, the inability to walk like a normal person, drugged up with prescriptions and constantly complaining that I cannot run.

I have been in and out of small term injury during my running time such as Shinsplints, Runners knee and Plantar Fasciitis (inflammation in the arch of your foot) but they have never been as sever as my injury now. This got me thinking, ‘Why don’t more runners seek help before serious injury strikes?’I know its my own self negligence and ability to oversee things,  but I honestly did not expect the repercussions to be this time-consuming and brutal. The thought in my head that makes me feel like I have to run every day, push harder and go further. If not it feels like you are running stationary, never really progressing and moving forward.

We usually do not go to the doctors unless we are sick or injured, and technically that is how the medical profession works for us tax paying NHS consumers.  If you have no physical problem now, an NHS doctor will laugh you out the door and throw a sarcastic remark for wasting their time. However, there are some clinics and sports injury facilities that turn this on its head, were specialists find it more manageable to analyse your running form and test your flexibility and strength to advice on how to prevent injury. They will tell you where you have muscle imbalances that could cause injury and how to strengthen areas that need attention.

There are different types of specialist sports medicine practitioners who provide a variety of methods for specific recovery treatments. It is important to find one that is right for you, unlike myself, I have been passed around from doctor to doctor who prescribed the easiest option to relieve pain. They may be qualified but remember, they are not sports injury experts, all they can do is diagnose the basics and give you something of the pharmacy shelf.

Depending on your area of pain and how it is affecting your activity, you can find a professional sports specialist that’s right for you:

  • Osteopath- Best for chronic injuries and postural imbalances. So stand up straight and don’t cross your legs!
  • Physiotherapist- Acute and overuse injuries. General overview of your pain and homework to do for self recovery.
  • Sports Therapist- Immediate attention of acute injuries, rehab plans. 
  • Chiropractor- They are best used for management and treatment of back pain and related neural conditions such as sciatica.
  • Sports massage Therapist- Prevention and Recovery. If you start to feel niggle, get it seen too before it becomes too late.

Pro Runner Justin Reid Simms  spotted his injuries early, missing one session of running which could effectively save him from something worse.

maybe it’s a good thing i didn’t make it to @trackmafia_ tonight
// the results of yesterday’s physio appointment // hopefully caught this achilles tendonitis early enough that it’s a just a niggle after racing // eccentric calf work & proprioception drills // embracing the little things

Rehabilitation Rehabilitation 

Whatever your injury, pain or just a discomfort, your body knows when something is not right so do not just ignore it, get it seen too. Your body is a powerful tool and it knows when trouble is brewing so do not ignore the red light on the dash-board when something is wrong! The risk of extensive injury is just not worth the ignorance!

Safe Running!

Olivia Neo x

Twitter- @GreekGirlRunni1


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