Our weekly training session with Steve was cancelled yesterday, and so I wanted to find another similar HIIT/boot camp style session, to replace it, as part of my training schedule. After some Googling, I found Swift Fitness, who offer a lunchtime half hour HIIT class, outdoors, on a Thursday. Best of all, the first session is free. So this lunchtime, I got weighed (3.5lb off, YESSSSS, not that this is a big deal to me. Ahem), and jogged down to Green Park.


It was half hour of full on punishment in the sunshine; fast sprints, press-ups, burpees, squat jumps, mountain climbers, sit ups etc etc. It was hardcore. But it was only half an hour. And I WORKED.

And whilst my plan had been to just sneakily do this class as a one-off, I actually now think I might try and do it whenever I can. Half an hour is a nice time, as there’s time to get down there, do the class, get back, shower, and eat, all within a lunch hour. And because it’s only half an hour, there’s no rests, or messing around- it’s all action.

The only downside was the gritty pollen causing me a chocking coughing fit, but that’s just par for the course at the mo.

On another note, The End Of The World Running Club is keeping me up at night. It’s so tense that I’ve developed stress acne and a twitch in my eye. I feel the same as I do when I watch STUPID end of the world movies, like that one with the big tidal wave, or like I did when I read Brother In The Land as a child- suddenly apocalyptically aware that there’s a great big wolf at the door, and that we might not be around forever.

So tonight I am going to drink gin in the sunshine!


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