We were meant to be heading to Harrow at 7:45 this morning, with DPR, to take part in the second of this season’s five Summer League races. Unfortunately, Frank started being sick on Friday night, and whilst this seems to be some sort of nocturnal bug, with both children OK-ish in the day, last night they were both puking for Britain. All beds were changed numerous times, the children (and Andrew) had several middle-of-the-night showers, and I scrubbed vommy carpets more times than I’d like to count. At 1am, Andrew suggested that Harrow might not happen, and at 4:30, when I woke clinging to the edge of the bed, to find two children spreadeagled across every inch of space, with Andrew curled up at the foot, I was inclined to agree with him.

Who knows what tonight will bring..!

Despite feeling very reluctant, I managed to get out for my long run mid morning, and did eight miles from home, around Beckenham area. I spent a couple of miles in Beckenham Place Park which is a lovely place to run in. It’s home to a big municipal golf course, and is bordered by woodland, with well signposted trails, and lots of lovely hills. In the centre of the park is a splendid Palladian mansion, which was the home of the Cator family from from when it was built, in the 1770’s, until 1927, when it was bought by London County Council. It now serves as the clubhouse for the golf course, as well as an information point, and park cafe. Running up to the crest of a tree lined hill, and viewing the mansion for the first time as you round the curve of a bend is quite something.




This was one of those lovely runs where I went from grumpy to grinning. I was spot on 10 min miling, so perfect pace, I felt strong, the weather conditions were ideal, and it was just an all round good run. Doesn’t get better than that.


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