I have been a bit of a wreck today, and I can’t even put it down to Game Of Thrones last night, as I haven’t yet watched it (but of course, I’ve been unable to avoid the spoiler action going on today. I am in denial. I need proof before belief. That will come later, when Andrew and I fire up the Sky+. I’m so frightened).


I blame the juice cleanse! There’s no other reason that I can think of for feeling as borderline blue and knackered as I have been, other than the fact that I haven’t chewed anything for 36 hours.

I went to Pilates at lunchtime, and whereas I usually dash quickly over there, get stuck right in, and then bomb back, using the 0.7 mile run to and from as a bit of a speed session, it was all I could do to shuffle myself there, walking, wearing a hoody in the middle of June. It’s not exactly tropical at the moment, but it’s not THAT cold. Although try telling that to the lady I saw in Hanover Square in fur-lined Uggs, and a fur cape. Perhaps she was from Beyond The Wall.

I went for a coffee with a client this afternoon, and then remembered that I am not meant to be having coffee, and so in one of those ridiculous panics that happen when you want to seem oh-so-with-it, I ended up ordering the following from the cafe’s juice menu:


It’s basically chocolate milk. However you dress it up- yes, it’s non dairy, yes it’s full of ingredients that we are all meant to believe are super-good for us these days- it’s chocolate milk. 120 calories, 6.9g of fat, 7.8g of carbs, 2.2g of sugar’s worth of chocolate milk. And it was delicious. I basically downed it in one, and felt a gazillion times more like myself. The things that had been stressing me out this morning were still there- but manageable. I don’t know whether I can put it down to the chocolate milk, but whilst I’ll see this juice cleanse through to the end, I don’t think I’ll be doing another one for a while.

When I looked on the Botanic Labs website, at the nutrition stats of Plantmilk 2, I also saw that it contains 80mg of caffeine. Now, whilst that’s half the caffeine content of my usual Americano, it was enough. It normalised me. Coffee, I’m so so sorry I lost faith in you. You’re awesome. And I’m never leaving you again.


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