I ran to work this morning, and was a red faced sweating mess by the time I reached the office, but it was a lovely run. Eight miles- done. I think pasta for supper the night before a long run- even at 10:30pm- is a very good plan, as I felt great today- well fuelled and fit for purpose. I’d grabbed a banana, a coffee, and a pint of water when I woke up (late- Frank still not on top form, so he spent the night in with me, thrashing around and walloping me in the face at regular intervals, while Andrew decamped to the day bed in Rosie’s room), and I think that helped too.

The soundtrack to today’s run was early 90’s house, which is excellent running music.



I love my run to work; from the top of Crystal Palace (nb: I get the bus up Anerley Hill before I start, I’m not mental), down through Dulwich to Herne Hill, along to Brixton, then Stockwell, then Vauxhall, checking off tube stations as I go. Over Vauxhall Bridge, and up through Pimlico, through St James’ Park, past Buckingham Palace, up through Green Park and Mayfair, until I arrive at the office. Today’s highlight was seeing the Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery, outside Wellington Barracks, as I ran through St James Park alongside the Mall.


The trouble with a long run before work is that then sitting at a desk for long stints means my legs get really twitchy and stiff. It gives me a good excuse to go for regular walks though.

That and the fact that heels aren’t the most comfy to put on post-run bashed up feet. Perhaps should have thought through today’s footwear a bit more.



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