Weekends are always more difficult in terms of exercise. If I hadn’t already committed to running with the DPR Beginners group, as they undertook their ultimate distance of 5 miles this morning, I expect today would have been a Juneathon fail. The amount of Prosecco that I sank with friends last night may have had some small part in my reluctance to get out of bed; nonetheless, 9am (well, about 10 past) found me in Dulwich Park, and I had a lovely run with a lady who was running her first ever 5 miles. Five miles is not an insignificant distance; it’s almost an hour of running, and particularly for people like the Beginners group, most of whom have never or rarely run before, it’s a huge, brilliant achievement. One more mile, and they’ll be at 10k. I bet they wouldn’t have believed that, just 10 weeks ago.

Around the time that this Beginners course started, back in April, three new sculptures were unveiled in Dulwich Park, and they’ve been a topic of conversation with the various people that I’ve run with during the course. We have nicknamed them “the Pretzel”, “Infinity”, and “the other one”. Today, I learnt that, in fact, they are called Three Perpetual Chords, and are by Conrad Shawcross. They were commissioned by Southwark Council in partnership with the Contemporary Art Society to replace the Barbara Hepworth sculpture Two Forms Divided Circle which which was stolen in 2011. So there you go.


Weekends are also when I fall apart eating-wise, which has been highlighted as I diarise my diet this weekend, for Dyanne. A huge post-run brunch at home, followed by a barbecue with the most magnificent spread at friends- and last night’s ribs-and-Prosecco feast (what a combination) means that I really need to rein it in from now on. Sorry Dyanne.

Making (and sampling) hot chocolate for Rosie this evening probably wasn’t the best idea then…



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