Losing weight is a funny thing. The bits of my body that I didn’t like when I was three stones heavier, I still don’t like. The fact that I’ve dropped a few dress sizes had passed me by until very recently, and I’m pretty much wearing the same clothes that I was wearing two stones ago. My belt might be cinched a bit tighter, but as I’m putting it on every day, to be honest I’ve barely noticed. I have always been chasing a particular number on the scales, a particular size in clothes shops, and yet, now that’s in my grasp, I’m kind of underwhelmed.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m delighted that I’ve lost the weight, and I am proud of myself, and the comments from friends and colleagues are not unwelcome (though I feel like a bit of a berk). But is hitting target the life changer that I thought it would be? Perhaps not. I feel fitter, and stronger, and healthier- and I love that running is easier because I’m lighter- but, fundamentally, I don’t feel very different.

Three stones since I had Frank, two stones since I started Slimming World this time last year. That’s 28, (or 42) pounds. 28, (or 42) bags of sugar. That’s not insignificant. And that’s why I need to take my focus off the numbers.

So the goal posts move again. Whilst I’ll continue to weigh in weekly, the final half stone of my weight loss will be very much secondary to upping the training for my I Don’t Do Things By Half challenge. I signed up for the halves in March, and I’m up to comfortably running eight miles, and so I have so far felt pretty happy with my progress. After all, how hard can a 13.1 mile race a week be, really? People I know run further than that in their weekly long run.

Susan from DPR has very kindly helped me put together a schedule for my training, which she sent through yesterday, and it was only when I read her email that I had a bit of a “what have I got myself into” moment:

We need to to think marathon / ultra – because it’s more than a half marathon and you need to keep the pace up for a whole month – therefore your weekly mileage for longest run and total is quite high for a half marathon.


So this evening will be spent with multiple highlighter pens, my calendar, my diary, and Susan’s schedule, scribbling the heck out of my summer, and making sure all training sessions are in. We don’t plan to fail, we fail to plan. And I ain’t failing at this.

Today was my regular weekly lunchtime run with Helen (in the schedule!), lovely Regents Park in the sunshine, followed by a Jillian workout at home. I haven’t forgotten about Jillian, as hard as I try to sometimes.


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