Eating well and getting the exercise in is way easier while working, than while at home with the children, in my opinion- as proven by my reluctance/difficulty in getting much done at the weekend. I really don’t want to miss any more time with the children than I have to. I think the fact that my time is more limited now than when I was on maternity leave means that I really have to make every session count. This, of course, is of heightened importance due to my I Don’t Do Things By Half training- skipping sessions isn’t an option when it’s a cause that’s this important. I’m really lucky to have a job that allows me to train at lunchtime (and an office with a shower!), and a husband who gives me the time to get my scheduled sessions in before or after work.

I think the fact that I mainly existed on a diet of children’s leftovers and cake for the duration of my maternity leaves probably didn’t help in the how-to-be-a-healthy-mum stakes, but, again, much easier now. I’m more organised, because I have to be; planning our evening meals in advance, and taking my lunches to work. It’s not an exact science, but we muddle through.


Today was Pilates at lunchtime, which I love because it helps stretch out all those tight running muscles, especially my hip flexors and calves. And this evening, a club run with DPR; 5.5 social miles, except the first 1.5 miles up the Mountain Of College Road in Dulwich, where I was decidedly anti-social. I am a hill avoider, which is difficult in south east London, but I know that I need to embrace hills this summer, as I have been warned that more than one of my September halves are, shall we say, undulating. So up it we went, and were subsequently rewarded with lovely flats and downhills through Crystal Palace, West Norwood, and back through to Dulwich, chatting all the way.



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