The sun’s shining and suddenly the world is a better place. It is absurd to place as much thought/emotion into the weather- something utterly beyond my control- as I do. And yet. It’s meant to be Flaming June for heaven’s sake. I pray for no rain, and no stupid high winds that make flippy skirts blow up and send London plane tree pollen into my eyeballs and nasal passages at force. Instead, please, oh please can we have sunshine, and blue skies, and temperatures in the high 20’s till autumn.


Summer early mornings and late evenings are the loveliest times for running, and I’m so happy to be upping the ante on my half marathon challenge training at this time of year.

Today was less about the running, and more about the circuits. We had our weekly PT session with Steve, in Grosvenor Square, and this is what we did, in no particular order: skipping, inchworms, walking lunges, press ups, cossack squats, normal squats, more skipping, boxing, burpees, mountain climbers, more lunges, more squats. And strettttttttch.



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