An ill little boy has shaped my day today- a sleepless night with Frank last night meant that today I was operating in that weird lack-of-sleep hinterland, feeling slightly detached from the rest of the world. Then the nursery rang this afternoon, asking me to come and collect him, which meant leaving work unfinished, and scrambling to nursery, to find a little hot headed, unhappy, woozy Frank. Poor baby.

Juneathon activity:

  • An hour’s Pilates class at lunchtime. I love my weekly Pilates class, and find it’s a great complement to my running. My flexibility has improved no end since I started attending this class a year ago, although my running-tightened calves still struggle with some of the exercises.
  • 2.1 miles handicap at DPR. The monthly handicap is a great way to monitor improvement over the short distance of 2.1 miles- or, it would be, if I ever kept a note of my times. I missed last month, but I won the April race. I only came third or fourth this month, so I doubt I’ve made much improvement, but I was certainly going all out- I wanted to collapse/ be sick/ pass out/ all of the above, so I definitely gave it my best shot.


Ready for bed now. And the prospect of a bumpy night, Frank-style.


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