With all training, there needs to be variety. Simply going for a jog every day, while enjoyable, will only get you so far. To improve yourself as a runner, you need to focus on many things, not just running every day.

This morning, I opted to cycle to work instead of getting the 7:30 bus. The morning was fresh with a nip in the air. My bike and I were both rusty, both hadn’t been out as much as we should have been over the past few weeks, but this morning changed that!

Cycling to work is actually a nice route, well as nice as a cycle lane beside a motorway can be. There is a long climb to and from work to a hill positioned almost perfectly in the centre of the cycle in Foxrock. The climb may not be severe, but the nature of the climb builds stamina, a trait all runners need.

This morning, I felt the last 500 metres more than I usually do. My legs began to ache as I asked them for one last push. Stubborn as always, I refused to drop the gears choosing instead to push myself as much as I could. This will stand to me when I’ll be out on hill work, to keep on pushing till I reach the top. The satisfaction that you get when you push yourself to your limit justifies the effort you put in.

With the final 2k, there is a nice downhill cycle to the front of UCD. Not one to rest, I pushed as hard as I could enjoying the increase in speed.


I enjoy cycling to and from work, it offers variety to my standard training plan. It offers a different challenge and works muscles which may not be used fully if only running.

My advise is not matter how, get out and get involved in a sport!

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Paddy Ryan
I have been running since I have been in primary school, all the time striving for better times. To date, I have run 10 marathons and 1 Ultra and numerous other races besides. I am focused on running a sub 30 10K and my next goal would be sub 2:30 marathon, all in time. I am also dedicated to helping other runners improve through coaching and advice to help them every step of the way.


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