It’s almost the new year. What a time to kickstart a new decade with a great new hobby. If you’re getting into running, we want you to start as easily as possible, and enjoy your journey.

First off, you don’t need any fads, smart watches, new fancy runners, or go faster stripes. You don’t need a new pair of expensive running shoes, absolutely not. To get going, you basically need will power, and buckets of it.

When you’re starting out, you may have a pair of old runners or trainers which will get you started. These old runners will be with you on the start of your journey. When you’re a couple of weeks in, and find this is the past-time for you, then that is the right time to start¬†thinking¬†of getting a new pair of runners!

So how do you decide which pair to buy! Well, it will depend on the distance you’re doing, your foot pronation, but above all, how comfortable you feel in a new pair of runners. Take it from me, I am an absolute guinea pig for trying fads and new runners. I’ve tried Nike, Puma, Asics, Saucony, New Balance, Mizuno, Adidas, the list will go on.

Everyone online can be an expert. That is why our advice is to go to a shop like The Run Hub or Run Logic. Instead of choosing runners based only on online reviews, I went into a running shop in Dublin, and spoke to the expert there. I told them I was hoping to run a few marathons over the coming months, and they asked me to run for 2 minutes on a treadmill as part of gait analysis.

This whole chat took 5 minutes. Their advice was based on my style of running. I would never have chosen these runners based on online reviews, we always tend to want the “best”. The question really is, who are they the best runners for?

Our advice is if you’re getting into running, don’t rush into getting new shoes, but when you do, go to your local running shop, and get their advice!


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