Welcome to Motivational Monday, an encouraging push to kick-start your week with a personal journey inspired by a fitness enthusiast.

Say hello to Olivia, a personal trainer and fitness guru who loves to see pleople sweat with enthusiasm and self confidence! You may think she’s crazy but insanity is what she is best known for! Her love of fitness and socialising has lead her down a path of mentoring others in an energetic performance of intensive body workouts and positive energy. If you don’t leave Olivia Bfits class drowned in your own swear, you are in the wrong class!

Motivational Monday 

Olivia BFit Stansi, London

I’ve always been into fitness whether it be step aerobics, boxercise or running. Even at school I was always the first to get picked when choosing teams in P.E.About 13 years ago I joined a gym and got myself a personal trainer who suggested that I qualify also as he thought that it was something that I would be good at! The more I got into fitness the more I realised that I didn’t want to stay in the legal profession and so I made the decision to change career and I have never looked back.

My husband introduced me to insanity and as I had always trained I thought I was fit until I put the DVD on and then I was totally hooked. I was exhausted from the warm up but refused to let it beat me! Everyone says it’s changed their life but it changed my life in so many ways! If you challenge yourself in your workouts your mind is forced to come along for the ride. As I pushed through these workouts, i improved physically and mentally because when you push thought these routines, your mind really does become increasingly resilient. I gained so much confidence in my abilities.

When I realised insanity live classes were available in the UK I knew instantly that I had to qualify! Teaching these classes means I get to change other people’s lives from their love of the same workout. They lose weight they gain confidence and so much more. As a trainer it’s an amazing feeling to know that yo

 Motivational Monday 

Olivia holds Insanity and Piyo classes every week:

  • Monday 8pm Ashmole School Southgate, London N14 5RJ
  • Thursday 8.15pm St. Andrews Church Southgate, London N14 5PP
  •  Piyo is taught on a Wednesday 8pm Ashmole school

For more information on classes, contact via Facebook@ Olivia Bfit Stasi or olivia.bfit@hotmail.co.uk

Have a good workout!

Olivia Neo x

Twitter- @GreekGirlRunni1


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