Many of you are looking to not only kickstart a new year, but also to kickstart a new decade. There is no better past time to get active with ease.

Any new sport, any new hobby comes with a list of things you may need to buy. If you look at other running websites, or running magazines, they will all have adverts and articles about why you need the latest Garmin, Polar, Fitbit, or other gadget which will somehow make you a better runner. If you’re just starting out, forget these expensive luxuries, they are not going to make you any better any faster.

If you want to track your activity, there are any number of apps on your smart phone which will give you almost exactly the same insights (number of steps, pace, distance travelled, time active), so there is no need to spend money just when you’re starting out.

Ok, so what do you need if you’re just starting out? I’m going to say the biggest thing you will need is to run with friends, or joining a running group. This sounds daunting, and almost will put some of you off, but the benefits of social running are far greater than you might imagine. There is mutual accountability, mutual respect, mutual support. These fellow runners will help you when you’re feeling low, will text you when you’ve missed a training session, and will be there at the finish line to celebrate your achievements. More than any other “thing” you can get, this is the most important factor for new runners sticking with their new past time long term.

If you are running on your own, the best thing to do is have a playlist ready, on Spotify or your phone, of some of your favourite songs. These songs will help you no end by motivating you along your run, but also helping to break a 20 minute run into 5 of your favourite songs. As you want to progress just a bit more, add a new song!

There are many other things we could talk about now, but the key thing is just getting active, and joining a community.

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