Many of you reading this are likely to be starting off on your running journey. Maybe its part of a new years resolution, maybe you want to get fit, whatever the reason, you’re about to start an amazing journey. Our goal here at Run Republic is to support runners of all abilities in pursuit of your goals, and to help you maintain your interest in running.

From speaking with people in clubs, and who we meet at events, many people worry about their peers getting fitter faster than they are. This is especially the case in marathon running, where people hit certain milestones before others in their training groups. Regardless of your ability, the advice is the same; DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS!!

You are unique, everything about you is unique. This is true for running, true for how your body metabolises food, and how fast you recover after each run. Your goal as a beginner, or even someone tackling a long distance, is to train consistently, and to keep putting in the training and the effort. A good barometer of progress is if you are able to chat during your run.

There will be times during various training sessions or days, you may feel that you have gone backwards, that the effort is greater but the results or the time taken to complete a run is worse than before. This is perfectly ok. Your goal should be on building distance, and then building time.

But how can you tell if you’re making progress I hear you ask? As mentioned before, if you are starting out, you don’t need gadgets, simply an app on your phone would be perfectly ok. Get yourself a little notebook, and write down info about your runs. It can be brief, but will be great to gauge your progress down the line. Below is a sample of what you could write:

Jan 7th – 3k – 22 minutes – Walk and Run – Found it a little hard, legs were a little sore after

After a month or so of logging your runs, you will find that you are doing 4k in 22 minutes. The relative effort might be the same, but you will find you are running a greater distance in the same time.

If you’re interested in running, and don’t know if there is a club near you, email, and we will help to find a group near you.


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