Rest days are just as important in a runners weekly routine as is the need to stretch and maintain a decent diet. Failure to do so may leave you with unfortunate injury that puts you on a prolonged rest day, trust me as I speak from experience.
Recovering from injury is a grueling time that is physically and mentally challenging for any regular runner. Allowing your body to rest and recover from high intensity exercise whilst consistent telling yourself that you will get better and that this is not the end of your running legacy. It’s hard to do so when a lifestyle habit is instantly stopped with no true idea of when you will get back to normality.

For the past 3 months I have been battling the consistent strain of hip bursitis. I have taken copious amounts of painkillers, rubbing ointments and regularly stretching my muscles to which I hope would aid my recovery and eliminate the pain. Pharmaceuticals and a positive mind-set only get you so far unfortunately. It comes to a point were I feel that masking the pain temporarily is the only relief. As a runner at heart, I cannot devote the next 3 months just being able to walk with a limp. I am forcing myself to find the road to recovery and bloody well make it through!

Womens Running and Men’s Running Magazine have the annual awards feature within the December issues of which sports and nutrition retailers can enter their products to be tested and rated best in their product category. A bronze, silver and gold shield are awarded to the competitors that rein top of the charts within the subcategories of testing. The products are tested by runners who will use the products when they are exercising, pre, post or during their run time. The products are tested on practicality, fit for purpose, value for money and quality, all to be rated out of 10 to give a total score out of 40.
We had a few entries within our injury prevention category, one of which I had to test. Flexiseq Sport is a joint lubrication therapy that relieves pain, improves mobility and protects your joints. I thought I’d use the serum on my painful hip, maybe it could potentially speed up my healing, either way it surely couldn’t make it worse. Within the hour I was astounded by the results after the first use, my hip pain was near enough non existent and I had more flexibility. Granted I still had to take it easy, but it was such a relief feeling that healing process was underway and I may be back in my running shoes soon.

The one 50g tube of Flexiseq Sport is retailed at £19.00 a go,and I know it’s hard to justify spending that kind of money on something you have not tried before and whether or not it will benefit you. Given my attempts trying to treat my injury with multiple products and tactics, Flexiseq Sport comes out top overall.

Good luck to Flexiseq in the awards!

Olivia Neo x

Twitter- @GreekGirlRunni1



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