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Why do we run?


All runners think of stuff when they run, most of it is forgettable. But every now and again we think of useful stuff, profound and almost beautiful. That happened to me last night when I was running 9km in Zone 2 and dying of boredom and impatience. Why do I do this? I could be doing other things and not out here in the rain. So, I came up with some thoughts on why people run.

I have the theory that everybody starts running with one single motivation that gets them up from the coach and out in the rain. Did I mention the rain already? My bad!. It has to be strong enough, otherwise we wouldn’t do it. This time of the year the motivation is usually that we overdid it at Christmas and we want to change. So, we start running:

  • To lose weight
  • To get in good shape, not just O-shaped.
  • Because can’t go up a flight of stairs without stopping to breathe.

People may start running for lots of other reasons, but what interests me is why people keep on running beyond the initial stages. As far as my theory goes, the reasons above are all good to get out the door once or twice, but they lack definition and aren’t measurable. In short, it’s easy to get out of them and if you want to keep on running and enjoying it rather than enduring it you need to renew that motivation often and keep it real.

I wrote a separate post on another blog where I try to dissect the runner’s journey and how setting goals may contribute to make it long-lasting and enjoyable one (despite of the rain). You can read it here.


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