What a wonderful celebration we had for our first birthday at Ardgillan parkrun.

It was a proper celebration with cakes and presents for Colleen and me (thank you) and a few prizes but most of all it was about sharing the morning with friends, family and the brilliant community that our parkrun has become, just what a celebration should be We really have enjoyed the last 2 years, the year of getting the parkrun set up with all the routes, planning and fund raising that went into parkrun #1 and the last year of saturday mornings with you all. A year of smiles and laughs, seeing people of all ages and abilities,families and friends come to Ardgillan to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and challenge themselves with our hills. A year of getting to know so many new friends and share a 5k run or walk, a chat and a coffee at a saturday morning parkrun.

I think we can be really proud of our parkrun community and it really shone through yesterday what a tremendous group you are. Thank you all for the last 52 weeks of fun and a special thank you to my co-director Colleen for all her hard work, early morning set ups and enthusiasm in getting us to this point. I couldn’t and wouldn’t have done it without all your help.

We had a few medals to give out in recognition of achievements for the year, it would be nice to give one to everyone but here are the receipients for 2015.

Men’s points table
1. Al O Dowd aka Spiderman/Jebus with a very impressive 4119 points and he was here 46 out of 52 weeks
2. Andreus Kusch from Rush running
3. Jose Villar only slipping down to third this week.

Women’s points table
1. Agnes Malesa Sometimes runs carrying children and always has a sprint finish and a smile!
2. Pauline Titier proud member of the 50 club
3. Claire Motherway, a very consistant runner, always smiling too…….maybe that’s the secret!!

Junior Male points
1. Ben Motherway son of the above featured Claire, only really started running this year.
2. Seainin Keenan, only a few points ahead of his brother
3. Fiach Keenan

Junior Female points
1. Claire Walls equalling her boyfriend Ben’s achievement above.
2. Leanne Keeling, great running Leanne
3. Aibhe Cahill

Most volunteer-Male
1. Roger McKenna thank you for lots of morning set ups,not an easy task on cold mornings
2. Brian Darling Always has an infectious smile
3= Chris Keeling An inspirational runner and has volunteered more times than we have given him credit for without us asking.
3= Stephen Brasier.. Apologies to Stephen, I didn’t spot that his timekeeping role yesterday put him equal with Chris, I owe you a medal.

Most volunteer-Female
Colleen McKenzie
1. Julie Mellows
2. Eilis Fallon
3=. Karin McGrath
3= Anne O Brien

Most volunteer-Junior
1. Emma Bissett ….proud dad here
2. Eva Brasier who I think is going to be a star
3. Owen Darling

Lovely to see so many families represented above and in our finish table every week.

Some statistics from the year to round off:
639 volunteer roles have brought this event to you.
We have had 1,003 different runners in  Ardgillan from 40 different clubs
Our 154 finishers this week was our second biggest ever.
Our average runner has come here 4 times and runs 5k in 28:23
We have had 49 different first finishers in the 52 weeks.
The number of smiles isn’t listed but must be enormous, parkrun has definitely given me a lot!

See you all next week for parkrun #53, the first of our second year.

Thanks far all the support and well wishes

Paul Bissett
A very proud Event Director



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