Sure where would you get it?!

Summer sunshine envied even by those in Lanzarote greeted us for parkrun #39. I arrived to the park with a hoodie – just in case, because this is Ireland after all – but after ten minutes it was quickly dispatched as the temperature picked up and I knew we’d be in for another glorious morning. One by one high vis heroes and athletes arrived and at 9:20 it was time to get the show on the road with the new parkrunners briefing. We had 17 first time visitors to Corkagh today, including 9 who completed your first ever parkrun with us. Welcome to the family folks – hope you become a regular guest in our parkrun home!


“Go that way & don’t stop until someone gives you a token”

Overall we had 130 athletes taking part today, 31 of whom secured a new PB for Corkagh parkrun. Shane FARRELL (19:58) and Mike CLARKE (20:27) were first and second finishers with an unknown soldier coming in third this week. Tracey COE (25:33), Sinead WALSH (25:55) and Sandra LAWLER (26:21) were our first three ladies home. Well done everyone!


It’s a wonderful sight to see a congregation of smiling parkrunners eagerly waiting the 9:30 “Go!”

I had the pleasure of welcoming a young athlete to the Junior 10 Milestone club today – Luke RUSSELL, who did his first parkrun at Corkagh on 21 April, completed his 10th parkrun this morning. Not only that, he did it with an unbroken streak over the last ten weeks. I was RD the day he first ran and welcomed him among newcomers to Corkagh parkrun so it was a pleasure to congratulate him as he crossed the line finishing his 10th today. Well done Luke!!!

Luke Jason3

Dad Jason could barely keep up with Luke’s sprint finish toward his 10th parkrun!

I’d like to shout out to all the volunteers who delivered a fantastic event today – between putting out / collecting signs, managing the finish funnel, scanning in athletes and taking photographs, the team were kept busy but did a brilliant job nonetheless. As always, the event is sustained through volunteering and if you put your name down to help out a couple of times a year it would be a huge help – have a look at the volunteer roster and let us know on facebook or by email when you can help out and what role you’d like.


Natasha, Hannah, Brenda, Mary and Caitlin did an amazing job today. Myself and Sara busy having a chin-wag behind!

OK, time for a serious bit so PAY ATTENTION YOU LOT!!! Hopefully that big yellow thing in the sky hasn’t gone unnoticed to you all and while it’s great that we have it, it’s important to remember that running in heat beyond what we are used to can be difficult. It’s OK to hold your pace back a little or walk if you need to, just make sure you listen to your body. Also important you have enough water with you; you can always leave a bottle at the Finish area where you can access it at the halfway point and after the run. If you want to carry a bottle with you that’s OK to, but please respect the park and don’t litter – drop your bottle with the volunteers at the halfway point or carry it with you. One last thing – remember your canine buddy too – dogs dehydrate equally as much as humans do, so make sure you carry additional water and a bowl so your canine companion can stay hydrated.


Obviously safety is the most important part of parkrun so make sure you don’t put yourself at risk during high temperatures and if you feel unwell during the run, stop, and ask a Marshal or Volunteer for assistance if you need it.

So, was today a success? I think our Tail Walker June Hannon best answer that question :)


Yes… Yes it was!

See you all for event #40 next week. 40?! They grow up so fast….

Colin | Run Director, Corkagh parkrun #39


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