In last weeks Greek Girl Running, I opened up to you all about my personal experiences that encouraged me to take up running and the benefits of doing so which have led me to achieve amazing things. If you are unfamiliar I would highly recommend you read last weeks ‘WHY WE RUN’ just so you are up to speed with the conversation.

I asked you lovely readers to share your stories of what got you into fitness, the power it took to transform your life and overcome many obstacles. I was blown away by the amazing response I received and the variety of personal experiences that were sent to me. For so many different reasons. These people have been enlightened by fitness and positive thinking which has led them to do great things, some even changing their lives completely.

As there have been so many brilliant stories received, I have decided to release one once a week to feature on Greek Girl Running. Focusing on one inspirational story every week to continuously inspire others with residual motivational journeys. 

Before I begin to share these wonderful stories with you, I want to praise everyone who wrote in. They have taken on a physical and mental challenge to better themselves and they are most certainly not giving up. These stories are personal, written by real people so I advice you read them with care and appreciate the determination and power behind every word.

My aim of this social exercise was to inspire others to want to create a healthier and a more positive lifestyle. Reading these stories will inspire you to take the first step.

Welcome Paige Nunes age 20 from South London. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.


Growing up I was a very sporty person. My passion was football and all I cared about was football. I played it for 5 years. Unfortunately due to a knee injury and secondary school work piling up, I had to stop playing. After that I didn’t do sport or any physical activity for about 4 years! Which sounds bad, but I had no motivation. In August 2013, everything changed. I suffered with a lot of stress and anxiety and needed some way to unload how I felt, so my sister gave me Jillian Michaels workout DVDs. I wasn’t confident in how I looked as I was quite skinny and always found it hard to gain weight. But once I noticed the changes in myself physically – more muscle gained due to weights and eating right as well as mentally – reduced stress levels and anxiety, I was amazed! I continued to exercise 6 days a week. I have never looked back since I started! From noticing the benefits of exercising for myself it made me realise how strong I am as a person and that getting out of my comfort zone is a great way to learn more about myself. If you asked me to do this a few years ago I’d say “No way!” but now it’s something I can’t live without.

If you would like to share your personal fitness journey with Greek Girl Running, please send it to for a feature.

Happy Running

Olivia Neo x


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