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Several of our club-mates were racing on the continent this weekend, whilst others, seniors and masters athletes, were taking part in the International Open Cross country event in Abbotstown, which doubled up as trials for the Masters 5-nations international to be held in Southport in November.

Sunday started with news from Amsterdam where we had 3 athletes participating in the 44th running of the marathon there. The race started and finished in the iconic Olympic stadium and Mick Smyth provided us with great videos of both start and finish for at least two of the runners, Ger Forde and Paul Dempsey, both of whom completed the event with PBs and small negative splits (6 and 31 seconds respectively!). Ger’s time was 2:36:14 and Paul’s, 2:43:45, where the winner (Vincent Kipchumba) ran 2:05:09. They were followed home by Gian Piero Allerta who ran 3:37:05.  Later in the day, Clara Costadura managed to extricate herself from the 2nd wave in the half marathon and, for a runner whose training has been geared to shorter distances, our recent winner of the Dublin novices placed 6th woman in the race in a super time of 1:21:31. Mark O’Connor, who had had to pull out of the marathon having been diagnosed with anaemia earlier during his training, also managed to run an excellent race, his finishing time of 1:24:14 (and negative splits) giving him a 6 minutes PB.

Later in the day, we received news that Italo Giancaterina, who has a habit of medalling in races which he runs, won the marathon in Pescara in Italy in a great time of 2:41 considering that he found the race tough with the temperature throughout the event climbing to about 27 degrees Celsius.

Also, on Sunday morning, Joanne Carey, preparing for next week’s Dublin marathon, ran in the Round Towers 5k in Kildare with its 134 participants, where she placed 11th overall and 3rd female finisher in a confidence-boosting time of 21:34, whilst Neil Brown ran in Longwood, Co. Meath, which this week staged a couple of races, including a hilly 10k. In a field of 327, Neil placed 138th in 52:43.

Then, on Sunday afternoon, a few of us travelled over to support our runners in the International Open XC event on the purpose-built course in Abbotstown. The ground was generally dry for spectators, but was a little churned up in places for the runners, several junior races having taken place in the morning. It was a chilly, but dry day with a strong wind in places. Senior, junior and masters women ran in the first race of the afternoon, with seniors and masters athletes covering 6k. 35 senior runners took part in the event, with Niamh Allen and Maura Mahony in the field. Niamh stuck to the game plan, running steadily from the gun and turning in a strong performance with a 7th place finish (5th Irish athlete) under a minute behind the British runaway winner and taking some notable scalps in the process. Niamh was followed by Maura Mahony (35th in 27:21). There were also 54 masters athletes in the race, with Adrienne Jordan finishing 11th in her 19-strong age category in 24:09.

The men’s 7.5k race also involved seniors, juniors and masters (with juniors finishing after 6k). We had no competitors among the seniors. However, 8 of our members ran alongside 88 other runners in the masters event. Rob Cross was our first runner across the line, placing 9th in the O/45 competition in 27:22, whilst Michael Wycherley was not so far behind in 12th place of the 20 athletes in the category in a time of 27:34. In the 25-strong O/35 category, we had 4 runners, led home in a line by John McAuley (19th in 28:10), just ahead of Jason Kehoe (20th in 28:22) who crossed the line just ahead of Frank Halligan (21st in the same time) with Frank Hague placing 22nd  in 29:07. Finally, we had two runners in the O/40 age category along with 18 other athletes. Having to recover a lost shoe on the last lap pushed Dee Lawlor back into 14th place in 28:42, followed by Anthony O’Reilly (21st in 33:33).

Staying with Cross-country, Lorraine Healy, who runs for Moyne and trains with Crusaders, placed 5th in the Munster novices on Sunday.

Moving onto Saturday’s parkruns, we had, as usual, some excellent results, including at least 3 first finishers. Dee Lawlor ran 18:18 in Cabinteely, whilst Cristian Vilchez Ceballos also placed first in Fairview in 18:49. Then, Sarah Lyons placed 7th overall, first finisher, in 23:22 in Darndale. In the same event, Phelim Murray, one of those preparing for ext weekend’s Dublin marathon, crossed the line in 4th place in 21:12. Barry O’Mahony followed Dee home in Cabinteely in 17th place in a time of 24:55. Elsewhere, a podium place went to Kevin Lambe, who, in his preparations for the Dublin marathon, will have got some confidence from his PB time of 19:10 for 2nd place in Mullingar. Fiona Bane ran in Tymon, where she placed 3rd woman, 30th overall, in 22:56, whilst in Tolka Valley  marathoner Cormac McGuire picked up 3rd place with a run of 22:25, followed home by another marathoner Paul F. Kelly (8th in 27:42). Kate Murray, in preparation for New York and Mairead Cashman preparing for Dubin ran in Bushy Park, where Kate placed 6th (and 41st) in 23:54, followed by Mairead who placed 24th (and 96th) in 28:01. Lisa Shine was our sole runner in Ballincollig where she took 154th spot overall (40th) in 27:57, whilst Kris Ryan ran in Paradise Point in Queenesland, Australia, where, in a field of 282, she placed 10th (and 61st) in 24:37. Andrej Kujikis ran in Edinburgh again, where, in a field of 434, he placed 47th in 21:06. Moving back to the Dublin area, we had 3 runners in Malahide. Ronan Moynihan took 10th place in 18:22, followed by another Dublin marathoner, Brian Scanlan (41st in 20:43), and Darina Scully (179th and 44th in 26:57). Anthony O’Reilly and Barry O’Neill ran in Marlay where Anthony took 22nd spot in 20:27 and Barry, 81st in 23:22. We had our usual high turnout in Poolbeg, where marathoner Mark Swan was the first Crusader home in 11th place in 20:14 followed by another, Mircea Ionita (12th in 20:19). David O’Donnell was next (18th in 21:21), followed by Neil Brown (34th in 23:18), Sharon Woods (48th and 12th in 24:25), marathoners John Lohan (54th in 24:49) and his wife Tara Murphy (71st and 22nd in 27:06), Ava Rose Clarke (74th and 24th in 27:20), Maureen McGinley (76th and 25th in 28:01), Karla Woods (86th and 31st in 28:58), Donna Barry (94th and 34th in 29:23), Mairin Shine (96th and 35th in 29:40) and marathoner Mari Hansen who paced the 30 minutes runners (100th and 37th in 29:57).

Round Towers 5k (134)
Overall place Name Cat. Place Chiptime
1 Andrew O’Brien 1 00:16:28
5 Michelle Cox 1 00:19:34
Crusaders AC runner
11 Joanne Carey 00:21:34 (3)
Full results here:  https://www.justrunsevents.com/resources/Towers%20Provisional.pdf
Longwood 10k (327)
Overall place Name Cat. Place Chiptime
1 Sean Hehir 1 00:30:42
14 Laura McDonnell 1 00:38:36
Crusaders AC runner
138 Neil Brown 00:52:43
Full results here:  https://www.popupraces.ie/race/longwood-village-10k-5k-2019/#2_9D70EA
Open International XC Senior Women 6k (35)
Overall place Name Guntime
1 Abbie Donnelly 00:20:52
Crusaders AC runners
7 Niamh Allen 00:21:48
35 Maura Mahoney 00:27:21
Full results here: https://www.myrunresults.com/events/spar_autumn_open_int_cross_country/3393/results
Open International XC Masters O/40 Women 6k (19)
Overall place Name Guntime
1 Teresa Doherty 00:21:48
Crusaders AC runner
11 Adrienne Jordan
Full results here:  https://www.myrunresults.com/events/spar_autumn_open_int_cross_country/3393/results
Open International XC Masters O/35 Men 7.5k (25)
Overall place Name Guntime
1 Colm Rooney 00:23:31
Crusaders AC runners
19 John McAuley 00:28:10
20 Jason Kehoe 00:28:22
21 Frank Halligan 00:28:22
22 Frank Hague 00:29:07
Full results here:  https://www.myrunresults.com/events/spar_autumn_open_int_cross_country/3393/results
Open International XC Masters O/40 Men 7.5k (21)
Overall place Name Guntime
1 Brian Maher 00:23:42
Crusaders AC runners
14 Dee Lawlor 00:28:42
21 Anthony O’Reilly 00:33:33
Full results here:
Open International XC Masters O/45 Men 7.5k (20)
Overall place Name Guntime
1 Brian Geraghty 00:25:48
Crusaders AC runners
9 Rob Cross 00:27:22
12 Michael Wycherley 00:27:34
Full results here:  https://www.myrunresults.com/events/spar_autumn_open_int_cross_country/3393/results
Malahide Parkrun #363 (334)
Overall place Name Cat. Place Chiptime
1 Wesley Grant 1 00:16:55
6 Annette Kealy 1 00:17:54
Crusaders AC runners
10 Ronan Moynihan 00:18:22
41 Brian Scanlan 00:20:43
179 Darin Scully 00:26:57 (44)
Full results here: http://www.parkrun.ie/malahide/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=363
Tymon Parkrun #277 (138)
Overall place Name Cat. Place Chiptime
1 unknown 1 00:18:11
18 Fiona Fitzgerald 1 00:21:41
Crusaders AC runner
30 Fiona Bane 00:22:56 (3)
Full results here: http://www.parkrun.ie/tymon/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=277
Cabinteely Parkrun #236 (123)
Overall place Name Cat. Place Chiptime
1 Dee Lawlor 1 00:18:18
9 Joanne Ryan 1 00:22:03
Crusaders AC runner
17 Barry O’Mahony 00:24:55
Full results here: http://www.parkrun.ie/cabinteely/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=236
Marlay Parkrun #324 (395)
Overall place Name Cat. Place Chiptime
1 Paul O’Donnell 1 00:15:15
29 Dee O’Keeffe 1 00:20:41
Crusaders AC runners
22 Anthony O’Reilly 00:20:27
81 Barry O’Neill 00:23:22
Full results here: http://www.parkrun.ie/marlay/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=324
Poolbeg Parkrun #113 (122)
Overall place Name Cat. Place Chiptime
1 Christopher O’Reilly 1 00:17:44
16 Ruth Comerford 1 00:20:55
Crusaders AC runners
11 Mark Swan 00:20:14
12 Mircea Ionita 00:20:19
34 Neil Brown 00:23:18
48 Sharon Woods 0:24:25 (12)
54 John Lohan 00:24:49
71 Tara Murphy 00:27:06 (22)
74 Ava Rose Clarke 00:27:20 (24)
86 Karla Woods 00:28:58 (31)
94 Donna Barry 00:29:23 (34)
96 Mairin Shine 00:29:40 (35)
100 Mari Hansen 00:29:57 (37)
Full results here: http://www.parkrun.ie/poolbeg/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=113
Mullingar Parkrun #183 (105)
Overall place Name Cat. Place Chiptime
1 Micheal Forde 1 00:18:39
13 Michelle Langan 1 00:22:15
Crusaders AC runner
2 Kevin Lambe 00:19:10 (PB)
Full results here: http://www.parkrun.ie/mullingar/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=183
Ballincollig Parkrun #174 (329)
Overall place Name Cat. Place Chiptime
1 Diarmaid Nolan 1 00:18:19
20 Mairead Perez 1 00:21:22
Crusaders AC runner
154 Lisa Shine 00:27:57 (40)
Full results here: http://www.parkrun.ie/ballincollig/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=174
Fairview Parkrun #116 (90)
Overall place Name Cat. Place Chiptime
1 Cristian Vilchez Ceballos 1 00:18:49
17 Eimear Arthur 1 00:24:44
Crusaders AC runner
1 Cristian Vilchez Ceballos 00:18:49
Full results here: http://www.parkrun.ie/fairview/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=116
Bushy Parkrun #139 (188)
Overall place Name Cat. Place Chiptime
1 unknown 1 00:18:34
13 Christine Kinsella 1 00:20:49
Crusaders AC runners
41 Kate Murray 00:23:54 (6)
96 Mairead Cashman 00:28:01 (24)
Full results here: http://www.parkrun.ie/bushydublin/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=139
Darndale Parkrun #79 (15)
Overall place Name Cat. Place Chiptime
1 Brian Maguire 1 00:19:32
7 Sarah Lyons 1 00:23:22
Crusaders AC runners
4 Phelim Murray 00:21:12
7 Sarah Lyons 00:23:22 (1)
Full results here: http://www.parkrun.ie/darndale/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=79
Tolka Valley Parkrun #87 (43)
Overall place Name Cat. Place Chiptime
1 Mick Bermingham 1 00:19:02
10 Sarah Fitzmaurice 1 00:28:17
Crusaders AC runners
3 Cormac McGuire 00:22:25
8 Paul F. Kelly 00:27:42
Full results here: http://www.parkrun.ie/tolkavalley/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=87
Porterstown Parkrun #210 (268)
Overall place Name Cat. Place Chiptime
1 Traian Rebegea 1 00:17:29
16 Dee Fitzsimons 1 00:21:21
Crusaders AC runner
256 Kevin Flynn 00:48:00
Full results here: http://www.parkrun.ie/porterstown/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=210


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