What a weekend! The excitement started early on Saturday morning at 7:15 with many of us glued to our smartphones, computer screens and TVs, watching with awe Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge’s successful breaking of one of the last barriers in sport, the 2 hour marathon, albeit with a lot of devices to help him. His 1:59:40 will not count as a world record since his effort on the “dogbone” circuit in the centre of Vienna was not a race and involved 8 changes of pacemakers. It also involved an electric car with a laser to produce the appropriate pace together with a pair of prototype Nike shoes on his feet, which no doubt will be released in small batches just in time for the festive season at an outrageous price, but one which marathoners will be prepared to bear! The weekend ended with the women’s world record (in a mixed race) which had been held by Paula Radcliffe since 2003, being broken in Chicago by another Kenyan, Bridget Kosgei, her 2:14:03 knocking 82 seconds off Radcliffe’s old record of 2:15:25. In cool and windy conditions, the same race saw the second fastest run by an Irishwoman, with Fionnuala McCormack securing a place next year in the Tokyo Olympics with a 5th place finish in 2:26:47.

We had several runners in the same race who all had good runs.  Two of them, running independently of each other, ran nearly identical chiptimes. Ian Kinsella, our exile in Canada, ran 2:37:47 with a negative split and he was followed across the line by John Mulvihill who ran 2:37:48.  Without a great deal of training, Ciaran Diviney ran a satisfying 2:44:00 with a small negative split, followed home by Michael O’Conor and Will Owens, who kept each other company throughout the race, both coming home in 3:24:31, possibly finding the last couple of kilometres quite tough, into a headwind. Mike had competed the day before in even cooler and windier conditions in the 5k race that preceded the main event. Olwyn Dunne completed the contingent in the marathon with a super even split run of 3:42:52, before she takes up her pacing duties in two weeks’ time in the Dublin marathon.

Lisa, Anna, Mairin and Fiona Shine headed to Lisa’s old hunting ground in Munich this weekend to take part in the marathon relay, where they distinguished themselves coming across the line in 4th place out of 78 teams in the race. They completed the course in an excellent 3:41:19. Conditions were warm at 24 degrees Celsius and, just as in Vienna the day before, there was no breeze.

Back home, we had runners in Rosemount in Co. Westmeath where there were two races on offer. In the 10k with a field of 229 participants, Fiona Bane placed 38th overall, 9th female finisher, in 47:41. Then, in the half marathon we had 3 members of the club participating. Tom Conlon placed 27th in the field of 212, in a time of 1:34:07, whilst Aoife Clarke placed 94th and 18th in 1:49:47 followed by Carina Davidson who ran 1:52:23 for 105th and 21st.

We had some excellent runs in the parkruns on Saturday morning. Orla Kennedy marked a return to competitive running by placing 9th and first woman finisher in Brickfields in a time of 22:09, whilst Joe Walsh placed 2nd in a time of 18:27. John Fahy was a first finisher in Westport where he ran 18:05, whilst Esther Requena Ferri placed 8th and first finisher in 21:52 in Athlone. In the same event, Cristian Vilchez Ceballos crossed the line in 2nd place in 18:26. Elsewhere, Rob Browne came home in 2nd place in Shanganagh in 18:24, followed by Mike Stewart (27th in 22:18) and Orlaith de Burca (76th and 15th in 26:41). Frank Hague also picked up 2nd place in Porterstown in 18:08, whilst Dominick Branigan did likewise in Tramore in a time of 19:13. In Kilkenny, Maria Kennedy ran 23:19 for 39th and 7th, whilst, in St. Anne’s Michael Maughan ran his first parkrun in a long time, placing 15th in 18:39, followed by Jonathan McGoldrick (52nd in 21:20). Andrej Kujikis ran again in Edinburgh, placing 25th in a field of 611 and a time of 19:34. Gillian Lyons ran in Clonakilty, where she took 16th spot overall (5th female finisher) in 26:55.   Closer to home, Ronan Moynihan and Darina Scully ran in Malahide where they placed respectively 9th in 18:26 and 100th (and 10th) in 24:18. We had 3 runners in Marlay Park, where Anthony O’Reilly crossed the line in 22nd place (19:51), followed by Jonathan Sykes (44th in 20:57) and Kate Murray (115th and 11th in 23:31). Mairead Cashman returned to Bushy Park where she placed 129th and 41st in 29:39. Finally, we had at least 11 clubmates in Poolbeg, led home by Kenan Furlong (6th in 18:48) who was followed by Zlatko Kulic (13th in 19:32), Gian Piero Allerta (24th in 21:12) in a blow out before next weekend’s Amsterdam marathon, Mircea Ionita (26th in 21:21), Neil Brown (51st in 23:53, Ava Rose Clarke (60th and 10th in 24:29), Ali May Hann (61st and 11th in 24:30), Mari Hansen (78th and 20th in 25:54), Kate Healy (93rd and 30th in 27:27), Maureen McGinley (98th and 33rd in 28:10) and Don Anderton, tail-walking.

Rosemount 10K (229)
Overall place Name Cat. Place Guntime
1 Tom Lupton 1 00:34:23
7 Fiona Gettings 1 00:40:07
Crusaders AC runner
38 Fiona Bane 00:47:41 (9)
Full results here:  https://www.myrunresults.com/events/rosemount_half_marthon__10k_2019/2979/results
Rosemount Half marathon (212)
Overall place Name Cat. Place Guntime
1 Donal Mulligan 1 01:13:27
5 Adrianne Mulligan 1 01:20:49
Crusaders AC runners
27 Tom Conlon 01:34:07
94 Aoife Clarke 01:49:47 (18)
105 Carina Davidson 01:52:23 (21)
Full results here:  https://www.myrunresults.com/events/rosemount_half_marthon__10k_2019/2979/results
Malahide Parkrun #362 (334)
Overall place Name Cat. Place Chiptime
1 Robert Frewen 1 00:16:28
44 Ciara Kilroy 1 00:21:32
Crusaders AC runners
9 Ronan Moynihan 00:18:26
100 Darina Scully 00:24:18 (10)
Full results here: http://www.parkrun.ie/malahide/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=362
Clonakilty Parkrun #275 (34)
Overall place Name Cat. Place Chiptime
1 Diarmuid O’Suilleabhain 1 00:19:40
5 Margo Harte 1 00:22:13
Crusaders AC runner
16 Gillian Lyons 00:26:55 (5)
Full results here: http://www.parkrun.ie/clonakilty/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=275
St. Anne’s Parkrun #303 (472)
Overall place Name Cat. Place Chiptime
1 Ian Conroy 1 00:16:23
14 Ailish Malone 1 00:18:32
Crusaders AC runners
15 Michael Maughan 00:18:39
52 Jonathan McGoldrick 00:21:20
Full results here: http://www.parkrun.ie/stannes/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=303
Marlay Parkrun #323 (571)
Overall place Name Cat. Place Chiptime
1 James Kelly 1 00:16:53
5 Ciara Hickey 1 00:18:26
Crusaders AC runners
22 Anthony O’Reilly 00:19:51
44 Jonathan Sykes 00:20:57
115 Kate Murray 00:23:31 (11)
Full results here: http://www.parkrun.ie/marlay/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=323
Poolbeg Parkrun #112 (143)
Overall place Name Cat. Place Chiptime
1 Eoin Kelly 1 00:17:11
19 Ruth Comerford 1 00:20:27
Crusaders AC runners
6 Kenan Furlong 00:18:48
13 Zlatko Kulic 00:19:32
24 Gian Piero Allerta 00:21:12
26 Mircea Ionita 00:21:21
51 Neil Brown 00:23:53
60 Ava Rose Clarke 00:24:29 (10)
61 Ali May Hann 00:24:30 (11)
78 Mari Hansen 00:25:54 (20)
93 Kate Healy 00:27:27 (30)
98 Maureen McGinley 00:28:10 (33)
143 Don Anderton 00:57:36
Full results here: http://www.parkrun.ie/poolbeg/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=112
Westport Parkrun #308 (80)
Overall place Name Cat. Place Chiptime
1 John Fahy 1 00:18:05
18 Sarah Staunton 1 00:23:10
Crusaders AC runner
1 John Fahy 00:18:05
Full results here: http://www.parkrun.ie/westport/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=308
Shanganagh Parkrun #234 (161)
Overall place Name Cat. Place Chiptime
1 Liam Blackburn 1 00:17:59
3 Amy Moran 1 00:18:26
Crusaders AC runners
2 Robert Browne 00:18:24
27 Mike Stewart 00:22:18
76 Orlaith de Burca 00:26:41 (15)
Full results here: http://www.parkrun.ie/shanganagh/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=234
Kilkenny Parkrun #257 (280)
Overall place Name Cat. Place Chiptime
1 unknown 1 00:18:46
7 Caoilte Malone 1 00:20:04
Crusaders AC runner
39 Maria Kennedy 00:23:19 (7)
Full results here: http://www.parkrun.ie/kilkenny/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=257
Bushy Parkrun #138 (212)
Overall place Name Cat. Place Chiptime
1 Shane Prendergast 1 00:19:10
6 Bernadette Crowley 1 00:20:19
Crusaders AC runner
129 Mairead Cashman 00:29:39 (41)
Full results here: http://www.parkrun.ie/bushydublin/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=138
Athlone Parkrun #211 (52)
Overall place Name Cat. Place Chiptime
1 Yannick Maseke 1 00:18:22
8 Esther Requena Ferri 1 00:21:52
Crusaders AC runners
2 Cristian Vilchez Ceballos 00:18:26
8 Esther Requena Ferri 00:21:52 (1)
Full results here: http://www.parkrun.ie/athlone/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=211
Tolka Valley Parkrun #86 (55)
Overall place Name Cat. Place Chiptime
1 Ryan Murphy 1 00:21:14
6 Claire Gilligan 1 00:23:45
Crusaders AC runner
23 Maria Pertl 00:28:56 (8)
Full results here: http://www.parkrun.ie/tolkavalley/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=86
Porterstown Parkrun #208 (149)
Overall place Name Cat. Place Chiptime
1 Peter Gaffney 1 00:18:05
6 Emilia Dan 1 00:19:51
Crusaders AC runner
2 Frank Hague 00:18:08
Full results here: http://www.parkrun.ie/porterstown/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=208
Tramore Parkrun #195 (113)
Overall place Name Cat. Place Chiptime
1 Brian O’Sullivan 1 00:18:42
9 Cathy Kirby 1 00:22:25
Crusaders AC runner
2 Dominick Branigan 00:19:13
Full results here: http://www.parkrun.ie/tramore/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=195
Brickfields Parkrun #91 (81)
Overall place Name Cat. Place Chiptime
1 Wesley Harrison 1 00:18:14
9 Orla Kennedy 1 00:22:09
Crusaders AC runners
2 Joe Walsh 00:18:27
9 Orla Kennedy 00:22:09 (1)
Full results here: http://www.parkrun.ie/brickfields/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=91


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