Irishman finishes Ultramarathon

Wexford native, Paddy O’Leary has today finished 9th in the Vibram Hong Kong 100km Ultra. A friend of ours for many years, we are delighted for Paddy on what was undoubtedly a challenging course! Based now in the USA, Paddy has impressed on numerous occasions since turning his hand to endurance running.

The 103km course started at Pak Tam Chung, running along the beaches of the Sai Kung Peninsula to Hong Kong’s famous Maclehose Trail, climbing 5300m of stairs and trails until the the island’s highest peak, Tai Mo Shan.

Vibram Hong Kong 100k offers up the best of mountain running on the island, featuring gravel and paved trails, thousands of stairs, rapid elevation change, and a course that gets more mountainous as the race proceeds. As local trail runner and journalist Rachel Jacqueline once described the race, “Split the Vibram Hong Kong 100k course down the middle and you have two very, very different races: the first half is relatively flat with a mix of concrete and singletrack, while the second half is packed full of ceaseless hills and myriad stairs.”



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